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Wilder Outdoor Spaces is a boutique design & build landscape company based in Tacoma, WA. We create custom fences, decks, walkways, patios and more.

Modern Outdoor Design in Tacoma

  Modern Horizontal Fence  (Built with 6" tight knot cedar decking)

Modern Horizontal Fence (Built with 6" tight knot cedar decking)

I worked in the landscape construction business in Seattle for many years. Towards the end of my time up there, it seemed like I was working on a seemingly endless stream of new modern homes building a variety modern decks, patios, walls and fences to match. Now I get it some people hate it, some people love it, but for me I've always really enjoyed modern design. It has clean lines that create gorgeous symmetry, it maximizes space making things more sustainable, and it incorporates utility beautifully in a way that others styles fail.

It was always strange to me though that when I would drive back home to Tacoma where I lived, I would see virtually no modern projects being built. No modern houses, no modern fences, no modern decks, no modern anything, really. When I decided to start my business here in Tacoma, I wanted to change that. I knew I wanted to bring the clean and beautiful styles I helped build in Seattle back home to Tacoma. Why? Well, because Tacoma's my home. It's awesome and it deserves to have awesome stuff, too.

As soon as I opened Wilder Outdoor Spaces here in Tacoma I began building modern outdoor projects inspired by what I saw and worked with up in Seattle. Being a small boutique design and build company, we're able to design on the fly, as well as work together with designers, engineers and architects to create truly unique and useful spaces. Bringing modern design to Tacoma is no longer a dream of mine, it's now a reality. It's been quite an amazing process to be apart of, and I'm thankful for all of the opportunities that continue to come my way. 

  Modern Covered Pergola  (Built with Tight Knot Cedar) 

Modern Covered Pergola (Built with Tight Knot Cedar)