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The Best Tacoma Coffee Shops.

We love coffee, and since you're reading this you probably do to. We thought we would share a little love for the shops that keep us caffeinated daily. Here's our list of our favorite Tacoma Coffee Shops (in no particular order).

1) Bluebeard Coffee Roasters

Bluebeard is a 6th Avenue staple. It's one of the simplest and coolest interiors of any establishment, and it of course serves wonderful coffee. They also roast all of their own beans, so you know what you're sipping is fresh.

2) Cosmonaut Coffee Co.

This little gem sits on a roof on the corner of Division & I Street right next to Wright Park. It's more tiny home then hang out inside but the excellent coffee and baristas make up for the lack of seating.

3) Valhalla Coffee

Directly across the street from two other places we love (Northwest Float Center and Expand Yoga) sits Valhalla Coffee. They roast their own beans, and serve coffee in a small, red and black shop. Their selection isn't varied, but it's reliably perfect. Also, drip isn't kept on deck here. It's all pour overs, which is alright by us!


4) Red Elm Coffee

One of the only shops on this list where you can grab a real bite to eat, Red Elm is both great coffee and great food. They serve breakfast and lunch. Red Elm sits on MLK Street and has a large interior with lots of seating, making for a perfect hang out spot.

5) Manifesto Coffee

Manifesto in the newest on this list and we're big fans. They're a small coffee roaster and coffee shop in hilltop. Their specialty is Fair Trade Organic single origin coffee, and they do it well.