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Demystifying The Garden

People always struggle with finding the right recipe for healthy lawns and lush gardens. It can seem like a pretty complicated and complex puzzle when googling yourself into a wormhole of blogs and YouTube videos. In our opinion though it's not as tough as most of the landscape "professionals" will lead you to believe. There is only really 3 simple things all plants need: water, sun and nutrients.


This one is pretty straight forward. Plants need water. While it may seem like something we don't need to worry about here in the wet NW, our summers can make it quite difficult on plants and lawns. Making sure to keep a regular watering schedule or installing an in-ground or above-ground automatic sprinkler system can be a literal lifesaver for your plants.


Sunshine. We love it here in Tacoma. After half of a year of rain, who can blame us!? Some of our plants may think differently though. Too much sun can dry out and brown the lawn or burn the leaves of our favorite plants. Making sure to keep shade plants in the shade, and sun lovers in the prime locations for catching some rays can make a huge difference in how they perform.


People ask us often what fertilizer we prefer to use for lawns and gardens. Most people have a wild concoction of chemicals they sprinkle all over the yard, but not us. We only use one brand. It's called Hendrikus Organics, and no we're not on the payroll or affiliated in any way. From their turf fertilizer to the bouquet blend to their all in one complete mix, Hendrikus is the best. Applying the recommended fertilizer bi-annually is a simple and effective way to keep your lawn and garden healthy and vibrant, and it's environmentally friendly. Hendrikus is also safe for dogs and kids since it's fully organic!