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The Wilder Outdoor Spaces blog is a place to be inspired. We share the places we go, things that inspire us, designs we love, tricks of the trade and of course the construction projects we design and build in Tacoma, WA.

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Wilder in the Winter

People often ask us how we handle working in the the winter in the PNW. The answer is, we don’t! The beauty of launching our own company was that it allowed us to be able to take the winters off. So every year when the weather gets bad we go and live somewhere we’ve never experienced before. These trips have become a source of fuel for us at Wilder.

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A Couple Creative Fence Ideas

We love this little fence design here! It’s simple and clean. We like how they combined beautiful cedar lumber with galvanized steel conduit ran horizontally from post to post. This gives the fence a modern finished look that keeps pets and kids contained, but still allows the yard to feel open and accessible.

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Demystifying The Garden

People always struggle with finding the right recipe for healthy lawns and lush gardens. It can seem like a pretty complicated and complex puzzle when googling yourself into a wormhole of blogs and YouTube videos. In our opinion though it's not as tough as most of the landscape "professionals" will lead you to believe. There is only really 3 simple things all plants need: water, sun and nutrients.

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Modern Outdoor Design in Tacoma

I worked in the landscape construction business in Seattle for many years. Towards the end of my time up there, it seemed like I was working on a seemingly endless stream of new modern homes building a variety modern decks, patios, walls and fences to match. Now I get it some people hate it, some people love it, but for me I've always really enjoyed modern design. It has clean lines that create gorgeous symmetry, it maximizes space making things more sustainable, and it incorporates utility beautifully in a way that others styles fail.

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Nobody NEEDS a Pergola.

What makes pergolas so cool? You don't really NEED them. Unlike many other things in a yard (fences, walls, etc.) their utility is simply to be a beautiful place to gather under. Having a pergola built will certainly add some flavor to your home’s exterior, and may even raise the value of your home a bit, but its real purpose is closer to art than necessity.

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Tacoma Stories Blog Features Wilder Outdoor Spaces.

Our owner Alex recently did an interview with Jack Cameron over at the local blog Tacoma Stories. We transcribed the interview below for you to read here. Please do go and give Jack's site some love as well! He's got a ton of great content for you to check out and it's all dedicated to our beautiful city of Tacoma. Here's the interview:

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