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The Wilder Outdoor Spaces blog is a place to be inspired. We share the places we go, things that inspire us, designs we love, tricks of the trade and of course the construction projects we design and build in Tacoma, WA.

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Tacoma Tiny Home Inspiration: 10 Modern Tiny House Designs We Love

We are pretty excited about the passing of the new rules allowing every single family home in Tacoma to be able to build an attached (ADU) or detached (DADU) additional dwelling unit without any special zoning permitting. If you haven’t read about the changes yet you can read our full blog post about the new ADU & DADU rules here. What does that mean in real life though? Well, that means Wilder can build you a tiny home, tiny house or cottage house without needing to go through the endless hoops that used to be required to build one just a few months ago.

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Tacoma's New Juice Shop: Gather Juice Co.

Gather Juice Co just opened a few blocks from our shop, and we wanted to take a minute and welcome them to the neighborhood. They’re currently serving cold pressed juices and smoothies made right here in Tacoma, and plan to expand the menu in coming weeks with Acai bowls, salads and lots more healthy options. If you haven’t already popped in and checked out the beautiful space, we highly recommend it!

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The Dunn's Deck Project in Ruston

We first met the Dunn’s in the summer of 2018 when we built them a new modern cedar fence to enclose their property and give some privacy to the wide open back yard. The horizontal fence project turned out great and they said they would be calling us again in the future.

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The Jansen's Covered Patio & Circular Firepit Project in Gig Harbor

The Jansen’s from Gig Harbor reached out in the fall of 2018 with a long list of projects they wanted Wilder to handle. The first project they decided to tackle getting rid of the old gazebo that was rotting away in their back yard, and replacing it with something a little more useful. Here’s a shot of what it looked like before we got started.

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What Type of Decking is Best in Tacoma

People often ask us what type of decking is best to use here in Tacoma, and it’s a tough question to answer simply. It really depends on your budget, design style and location. There are pros and cons to every material, so we thought we could spend some time and breakdown the different materials individually to help you get educated on the products we can use for your project.

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Modern Outdoor Design in Tacoma

I worked in the landscape construction business in Seattle for many years. Towards the end of my time up there, it seemed like I was working on a seemingly endless stream of new modern homes building a variety modern decks, patios, walls and fences to match. Now I get it some people hate it, some people love it, but for me I've always really enjoyed modern design. It has clean lines that create gorgeous symmetry, it maximizes space making things more sustainable, and it incorporates utility beautifully in a way that others styles fail.

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