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The Sabado's Deck Project in Tacoma

The Sabado’s project was a custom deck build we completed in the spring of 2018 in Tacoma’s Proctor District. We originally met with the Sabado’s in 2017 for our first consultation. They explained what they wanted out of the space and they provided us with a drawing that a family member had drafted up for them (see photo below).

Tacoma Proctor District Deck Design

After learning what they wanted out of the space and how they wanted it to feel, we came up with an estimate and a final design. We kept the shape and size of the original deck footprint but we designed a new handrail system. It was a great experience to work in collaboration with the Sabado’s and an outside designer, since we typically do all of our design in house. Having new input and parameters to work with helped us get the creative juices flowing. Overall, the deck turned out beautiful, and we’re extremely happy with the end result!

Tacoma Proctor District Modern Deck Build
Tacoma Proctor District Deck Project
Tacoma Proctor District Deck Construction Company