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The Dunn's Deck Project in Ruston

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We first met the Dunn’s in the summer of 2018 when we built them a new modern cedar fence to enclose their property and give some privacy to the wide open back yard. The horizontal fence project turned out great and they said they would be calling us again in the future.

Tacoma Deck Construction Company

Fast forward to the summer of 2019 and we met again for a consultation. This time the Dunn’s said the goal was to tear out the old deck in the back yard, and build a bigger, better deck that would allow for more space to hang and enjoy the summer sunshine. After discussing the design, materials and layout of the new deck project, the Dunn’s also provided us with a sketch that they had created showing exactly they were looking for from the new space. We took it all back to the office and put together an estimate for the project. After sending it over via email the Dunn’s immediately said let’s go for it, and we got started building a few weeks later.

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The deck was built with an upper landing that connects the back door to the main deck area. The upper landing also connects seamlessly with a custom built-in bench up against the house, and a set of stairs that waterfall out from the back door onto the main deck area (which is a little over 400 sq ft). On the far side of the deck we installed a 7’ tall matching modern fence to serve as a visual screen and offer some privacy from the neighbors elevated windows. The whole deck was clad with 5/4” x 6” tight knot cedar decking and the fence was built with alternating 4” and 6” tight knot cedar fence boards. Overall the deck building process went smoothly and we extremely happy with the end result. The new deck’s modern lines and simple design work perfectly in the space and with the horizontal fence project from last year.

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