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The Caulkin's Patio + Pergola Project in North Tacoma

Tacoma Patio Builder

The Caulkin’s Patio & Pergola project was completed in summer 2019 in North Tacoma. The project got its start in the spring of 2019 when the homeowner reached out to Wilder with a photo of pergola that they really liked. Additionally, they wanted to create a space below the pergola to hang out, so we decided to create a simple 10x12 patio out of Mutual Materials Vancouver Bay 2x2 pavers.

Tacoma Pergola Builder

The pergola itself was built with all rough cut cedar lumber utilizing 2x6s for the top 2 layers and 2x10s for the support trusses. The posts are true 6x6s set in large concrete footings at a depth of 30 inches for excellent structural stability. Overall we love how the project turned out and can’t wait to build another here in Tacoma!

Tacoma Pergola Construction