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A Couple Creative Fence Ideas

Horizontal Conduit Fence

Modern Conduit Fence Tacoma

We love this little fence design here! It’s simple and clean. We like how they combined beautiful cedar lumber with galvanized steel conduit ran horizontally from post to post. This gives the fence a modern finished look that keeps pets and kids contained, but still allows the yard to feel open and accessible.

Modern Stacked Wood Horizontal Fence

Modern Stacked Wood Horizontal Fence

Now this is a really fun fence idea we stumbled across! It looks complicated but it’s really a pretty straightforward process. They set 2” posts, drilled out 2” holes in the 1x10s, then they stacked the 1x10s up on the posts one at a time. In between each board they added spacers to keep a nice equal space between each piece of fencing. The end product is a beautiful little stretch of unique modern fencing.