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Wilder in the Winter


People often ask us how we handle working in the the winter in the PNW. The answer is, we don’t! The beauty of launching our own company was that it allowed us to be able to take the winters off. So every year when the weather gets bad we go and live somewhere we’ve never experienced before. These trips have become a source of fuel for us at Wilder. They give us much needed inspiration and rejuvenation after a year of hard work. To experience fresh places, meet new people and be exposed to different ways of living is the best education a person can have. Plus, the food isn’t bad either!


Not only do we get to dive into our passion projects more (www.theprofessionalamateur.net & www.laurajeanandersonyoga.com) while we are away, but we find new ways to be creative with our outdoor projects by studying the different landscape and architectural designs that we discover abroad. We’ve traveled all over the map already, from Asia to central America and all the way over to Europe. These trips have contained some of the most of memorable and life changing experiences of our lives. While these may not have that much to do with building awesome projects, they continue to be an integral part of who we and what we’re about here at Wilder and none of it would be possible without the awesome people we get work with here in Tacoma. Thanks yall!