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The Wilder Outdoor Spaces blog is a place to be inspired. We share the places we go, things that inspire us, designs we love, tricks of the trade and of course the construction projects we design and build in Tacoma, WA.

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The Maui Project

If you’ve been following Wilder, then you know that we typically take a chunk of time off in the winter and leave the cold and rainy PNW. We generally close up shop for a couple months and go live somewhere a little warmer. This past winter (2019) we decided to spend our time on Maui and while we were there we picked up an exterior remodel job.

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Wilder in the Winter

People often ask us how we handle working in the the winter in the PNW. The answer is, we don’t! The beauty of launching our own company was that it allowed us to be able to take the winters off. So every year when the weather gets bad we go and live somewhere we’ve never experienced before. These trips have become a source of fuel for us at Wilder.

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